What is Investing Questions?

Investing Questions was created to help people find answers to their investing and personal finance questions from an unbiased source they can trust. The website was created by the Ontario Securities Commission’s Investor Office.

Why did the OSC set up this site?

We believe that it’s important for people to ask questions about investing and receive answers from an unbiased source. We hope that with this site, investors will have a great new additional resource to get the information they need. We also welcome questions about the OSC and our work.

Why do I have to provide my name, location and email address?

If your question is answered on Investing Questions, only your first name and the initial of your last name will appear next to it. We will not use your full name. We’ve done this so that we can connect questions to real people while respecting your privacy. We have asked for location (postal code) to ensure that the answer we provide you is relevant. This site provides information regarding investing in Ontario but we may be able to direct you to information available from your province’s securities regulator. Your email address and Twitter handle are being collected so that we can notify you when your question has been answered or inform you that we will not be answering your question.

How long will it take until my question is answered?

Our goal is to answer a question within ten (10) business days of receiving it.

Why didn’t you answer my question?

While we’ll do our best to answer as many questions as we can, we aren’t able to answer questions that:

  • request investment, financial, accounting, legal, tax or other professional advice;
  • contain personal or identifiable information;
  • request information regarding a specific individual or company;
  • do not relate to the OSC, investing or personal finance; or
  • regard financial products, services or issues outside of Canada.

If we do not answer your question, we will notify you via the email address you submitted along with your question.

I don’t want my question posted – can you remove it?

If you no longer wish to have your question posted, please let us know by emailing InvestorOffice@osc.gov.on.ca, allowing up to ten (10) business days to process requests. In your email, please provide us with a link to your question. Note that removing your question does not prevent a similar or the same question from being reposted if submitted by another user.

You didn’t fully answer my question – where can I go for more information?

If your question requires financial or legal advice, we may answer it generally, providing as much information as possible or how to find more information. For information about a specific financial or investing issue, consult an appropriately qualified professional advisor.

Your site isn’t working – help!

If you experience technical issues using this website, please let us know by emailing InvestorOffice@osc.gov.on.ca.