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What are the considerations when investing in real estate?



Our response:

We can’t provide advice but try to provide general information to help you take the next step. Investing in real property is a very hands-on way of investing in real estate, usually at a higher cost and demanding more time to manage. Because of the time, cost and risks that come with owning property as an investment, you may instead choose to invest in real estate through funds, trusts and other investment products that provide exposure to the real estate market without being required to manage and maintain properties on your own. Purchasing these products, such as a share of a publicly-traded real estate company, means you are investing in the real estate market without maintaining any properties yourself. There is no guarantee that a real estate investment (real property or through an investment product) will earn you profit.

Visit to learn more about investing in real estate including, understanding real estate investments, planning to buy a rental property. Speak with a registered financial representative or real estate professional for advice.

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