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Is the stock market rigged?



Our response:

No, it’s not “rigged”, but it is complex.

When you buy and sell investments, your money flows through a network of advisors, dealers and marketplaces. The connections between these and other participants can be complicated for investors to navigate, and this may cause lower investor trust and confidence in the markets. However, one way to gain a better understanding of the market is to work with a registered financial advisor, who can provide access to additional information and help explain complex issues.

The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) is one of the regulators in Canada that make rules that aim to prevent misconduct and maintain the integrity of the capital markets. The OSC’s role is to look out for those people that work hard and play by the rules and provide protection to them from people who don’t. The OSC is dedicated to delivering on its commitment to protect investors, including a focus on the markets – where you buy and sell your investments. The OSC will continue to promote financial stability through oversight of participants and markets. At the Investor Office we’re here to give you information to help you invest wisely and confidently, and ensure the needs of investors are understood by those who make the rules. Check out for more information on the OSC’s initiatives to enhance investor protection.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

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