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If I redeem a mutual fund, will it affect the amount I receive from Canada Pension Plan income or Old Age Security?



Our response:

Thank you for your question Cindy. We are not able to provide financial advice, but hope the resources below will provide helpful information about your question.

Both Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Old Age Security (OAS) are retirement benefits offered by the federal government.

CPP payments are based on what you paid into the plan. OAS depends on your other income and how long you’ve lived in Canada. In order to determine if capital gains received from your mutual funds would affect your OAS, review information on the federal government’s website. Read our article about government benefits to learn more. Note that you must apply for these benefits, as you do not receive them automatically.

Speak to a registered financial advisor or tax professional for more information about how redeeming mutual funds may affect your government benefits.

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