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What is a balanced mix of bond ETFs and equity ETFs in retirement?



Our response:

We aren’t able to provide investment advice, but we have provided some information to help you get started.

The appropriateness of a portfolio asset mix depends on an individual’s specific financial circumstances, investment needs, objectives and risk tolerance, and many personal factors need to be considered before choosing any investment. A registered financial advisor can provide advice on the types of investments that are a good fit to your investment goals and personal situation, after going through a series of questions to learn about you and your risk tolerance. All investments carry some level of risk, and generally the higher the potential return, the higher the risk. This is called the risk-return relationship. Important considerations when choosing any investment are your time horizon and risk tolerance.

Some advisors may also be able to help you make decisions about tax planning and estate planning. Before you work with an advisor, check that they are registered to sell investments and give advice. Learn more about the basics of investing, types of investments and registered accounts, and planning your financial future.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

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